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In today’s schools one of the most common problems facing students is bullying. Bullying occurs for many different reasons. Since there can often be permanent damaged caused by bullying, either emotional trauma or actual physical damage, all cases of bullying should be treated with concern and addressed as serious issues. They should never be looked at as just children playing.

Often the first person to recognise that a bullying situation is occurring is a teacher. They see children playing and working together on a day to day basis. As a teacher it is important to deal with both the bully and the victim. There are strategies and methods that can be taught to both parties involved in the situation to ensure that the bullying action stops.

It is important to be able to get the victim of bullying to speak about the situation. This should never be done in the presence of other children not involved in the problem. Reassure them that bullying is not their fault and it is not acceptable. They are right in going to talk to an adult about the situation and that they are not betraying others by discussing the problem. They must know that bullying is never ok and it has to be stopped at all levels. Let them know that they are not alone, and that there are things that they can do to get the situation corrected and that their problem is being taken seriously.

The parents of both the victim and the bully should be made aware of the situation. It is important that all parents realise the gravity of the situation. It is not ok, and it is not acceptable and it is not just kids playing .Bully can have very serious permanent consequences and all parties should be made aware of this. It is a big deal.

Both the bully and the victim need to get information and skills to learn how to deal with the problem. Parents should also be given information on how to help their children deal with the problems which are causing the situation. Counselling for all parties involved is recommended.

Almost every teacher will have to face the act of bullying at some point in their career. It is important as a teacher to understand the more common reasons for bullying and to realise the very serious nature of the situation. No case of bullying should ever be ignored. It is not to be tolerated. One of the best ways to counter the problem is to get the parents of the children involved and to get the situation stopped as soon as it is noticed. Bullying does not just go away.


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