Ways to Stop a Cyber Bully

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Today’s new bully is the cyber bully. These bullies use websites, on line games, IM’s and cell phones as a way of bullying their victims. They are able to degrade humiliate and embarrass their victims from a safe distance without the fear of retaliation. Often cyber bullying exceeds the verbal bullying that occurs on the playground because of the fact that the bully is not afraid of being seen or overheard. Like all bullying cyber bulling should not be ignored and has to be taken seriously.

Many chat rooms and online game services have rules agreements in that place that do not tolerate verbal abuse or inappropriate language. Make sure that your child is a member only on sites that have this type of agreement. If your child becomes targeted contact the site administrators and report the abuse. In most cases the person responsible will get a warning or will be banned from using the site. The administrators may also contact other sites to let them know of the situation and the abuser may also be blocked from those sites as well.

Blocking is another effective technique to shutting down a cyber bully. If your child recognises the phone number or the on screen name that the bully is using they can simply activate the blocking feature. This will prevent the bully from being able to send abusive messages directly. If the bully is unable to directly contact their victim they will often loose interest.

Many parents are not aware that their child may be an online bully. If you know who the on-line bully is contact the parents of that child and make them aware of the situation. Many parents who find out their child is cyber bully will be willing to aid in getting the problem resolved.

If you do not know who the online bully is and the bullying is threatening, pornographic or harassing you may have to take legal action. If the bully has hacked into an account or has stolen a password it is time to contact the police. It is important to keep track of any information you have about the bully. How often it is happened, which sites were used and what were the messages directed at your child. These incidents should be reported quickly before they become an even bigger problem. Cyber bullying like all bullying should never be ignored.


2 Responses to “Ways to Stop a Cyber Bully”

  1. john mcdonald on April 29th, 2010 9:35 pm

    Another thing you can do is contact the cyberbully’s mobile phone provider and let them know that their customer is harassing you. This is against their terms of service. They take that stuff very seriously. The bully’s phone may not get shut down the first time. He may only receive a warning, but repeated reports will certainly shut down that bully’s phone.

  2. dan on October 28th, 2013 11:41 am

    bullys can be tough but when someone walk up in their face 5they want to back down cause their scaredy cats

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