What is Cyber Bullying?

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Today’s new technologies have brought about a new kind of bully. The cyber bully. The cyber bully is able to target his victim through a variety of different mediums including cell phones and computers, which not only gives them better access to their victim but also gives them a wider audience. The cyber bully is also granted the addition of choosing as to whether or not they want remain anonymous.

Where once bullying was confined to face to face interaction the cyber bully can now reach his victims through the internet or other modern means of communication. Bullying is no longer confined to the workplace or school yard. Where once the victim could find refuge in their home this security is now being taken away. The victim can easily be targeted through the use of cell phones or the computers.

Cyber bullies tend to be even more hurtful and aggressive online than they would be in person because most of the time they can remain anonymous. They have less fear of being caught. They also have the advantage of the fact that they do not have to face an actual physical confrontation with their victim. The damage can all be done from the safety of their own home.

With a few simple words online from the bully the victim can be humiliated and harassed at any time. And once something is on the net it is virtually impossible to eradicate it. The bully can also reach a much wider audience. It is possible for victims to be harassed not only by children within their own actual peer group but from others who might be half a world away. The internet exposes to children to a whole new world where bullies can be anywhere at any time and have no fear of reprisals.

While directly blocking the bully is almost always an option it does not prevent the bully from continuing to post or leave comments on websites about the victim. This often happens in chat rooms or online game sites where children and adults form groups or cliques on line.

Stopping the schoolyard bully was almost always feasible. Stopping on line bullying is virtually impossible. Comments made on line can reach an almost unlimited number of people. The chances of discovering the sender and of being able to convince them to stop their tactics are almost none. The damage being caused by cyber bullies is far worse than most people know and the emotional damage being done is immeasurable.


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